Software Entwicklung

Hardware development

We develop hardware according to your specifications. We have experience with many common embedded SoCs, integrated wireless interfaces, protective circuitry, classic analogue design, high-speed layout (DDR2-RAM up to 400MHz), and much more.


Our hardware development services cover:

  • Requirements analysis and development of a system specification
  • Creation of a circuit concept and circuit simulation (simulation tools: PSpice, LT-Spice)
  • Creation of circuit diagrams and layout using Orcad or Altium
  • Extensive circuit diagram and layout review
  • Preparation of functional models
  • EX design according to IEC 60079
  • Start-up and software integration
  • Prototype production
  • Preparation of production documentation
  • Certification services, preparatory conformity testing (IO-Link)
  • Qualifying EMC testing
  • Preparation and monitoring (ATEX)

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