IO-Link Diagnosis Tool

Functional Description

The Diagnosis tool is an IO-Link analyzer that examines the IO-Link signal both electrically and logically. The acquired data is transmitted via USB to a supplied Diagnosis Tool PC software and evaluated. The PC software runs on Windows 7 and 10.
The IO-Link communication can be analyzed on byte-level, on M-sequence level, on protocol level and even on application level. The IO-Link communication is in the latter case visible in clear text. Folding, filtering and search functions simplify issue identification.
It is also possible to visualize wave forms and even eye-diagrams for Master and Device signals can be extracted.
Typically the Diagnosis Tool is inserted between Master and Device, however, a integrated Master allows checking of Devices without an external Master. The tracked communication is shown directly on a PC or stored on an embedded SD card.

Diagnosis Tool Features

  • Timing accurate IO-Link signal analysis
  • High speed, IO-Link synchronized ADC
  • Timing precise software UART decoding
  • Optional hardware signal direction detection
  • Byte-, frame-, protocol- or IODD-based decoding
  • Sophisticated filtering and search features
  • Device image collection of all data sent
  • Data storage image collection
  • Recording to hard disk / SD card
  • Analog time signal view for UL+, IL+, UCQ, ICQ
  • Serial decoding in analogue waveform view
  • Eye diagram view separated for Device/Master
  • Interactive rulers for analogue measurements
  • User calibration support


  • Fast and easy IO-Link issue analysis
  • Logical and electrical issue detection
  • Suitable for development and application


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