IO-Link Tablet Master

Tablet-Master Overview

The new IO-Link Tablet Master is a portable, handheld
device which supports

  1. Service Technicians and Operators:
    • Configuration
    • Issue Detection, Logging
    • Device firmware update
  2. Sales representatives:
    • Demonstration of IO-Link Device
  3. Development engineers:
    • Function tests
    • Upload of new firmware

The Tablet contains a fully certified IO-Link master and an intuitive graphical user interface that can be operated via its integrated touch screen or remotely (Wi-Fi) using a regular Tablet (iPad, Android, Windows Tablet).

The integrated Parameterization and Device Configuration Software includes an IODD parser and provides different modes of operation for different type of users like Maintenance, Observer, Specialist and Sales.

The tablet uses a simple and versatile web interface which allows the uploading and managing of the IODD files and it also allows to upload device firmware files (IOLFW).
The IO-Link Tablet supprorts automatic selection of an prestored IODD file for the connected IO-Link device. It is also able to indicate and start the firmware update procedure if a matching firmware file is available on the tablet.

Tablet-Master Features

  • Embedded 1-Port master with power supply and M12 connector (Class A)
  • Portable operation (battery powered)
  • Battery charging
  • Optional ext. 5-12V power supply
  • Integrated IODD parser
  • Touch screen operation
  • Remote operation via Wi-Fi
  • Webinterface
  • Weight 700g (incl. batteries)
  • Dimension (21cm x 13cm x 3cm)
  • Fast boot-time (12 sec)

Tablet-Master Deliverables

  • 12 Volt Power supply
  • Tablet with IO-Link connector
  • M12 IO-Link connector cable

 Tablet-Master Advantages

  • Fully portable battery powered operation
  • Fast access to IO-Link devices
  • Integrated Configuration tool
  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy to use web interface for uploading IODDs and new device firmware files (IOLFW)
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