IODD Studio


IO-Link devices need to be described by IO-Link Device Descriptions called "IODD". These IODD are complex structured XML files with numerous restrictions and interdependencies. Editing an IODD can become a laborious and tedious task and it is difficult to maintain integrity between device and IODD in case of modifications.

TEConcept has developed an IODD Studio that simplifies the editing of IODDs significantly.

The IODD Studio is a flexible tool which lets the user create the desired IODD and only gives feedback about errors found by the custom validators. For this reason, this tool is recommended for users with experience working with IODD files. The IODD Studio supports creation of new IODDs from scratch as well as import and modification of existing IODDs. The user can also customize the validation rules that are enforced on the created IODD.

Created / modified IODDs can be checked and "stamped" by using the "official" IODD checker from the IO-Link webpage.

IODD Studio Features

  • Complies to IO-Link Interface Specification V1.1.3
  • Wireless IODD Support
  • Configurable IODD Validators
  • Current project status can be saved and restored
  • Integrated IODD Finder
  • IOLFW Package Creator
  • Integrated XML Viewer / Editor
  • BLOB Transfer Profile Support
  • Identification & Diagnosis Profile Support
  • Import elements from existing IODDs
  • Installer for Windows 7/8/10


  • Speed up of IODD editing
  • XML know how not required
  • Import and modification of IODDs supported
  • Flexibility
  • Configurable input validation
  • Vendor specific IODD Template creation
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